« Shooting The 5 With… » – 80 Rock


The concept of this article and the ones to come is to ask short questions and get right away short answers by entertainers. I hope you enjoy it. First one is from producer extraordinaire 80 ROCK

  1. What is the beat or moment that made you want to produce beats?

I gave a friend, shout out to DJ Fat Sak, a Van Halen sample and Ras Kass ended up on the beat. That’s when I knew I should do this.

  1. What’s the best rhyme spat over your production?

The best rhyme so far was spit by AG from D.I.T.C. He said « I flow like Big L ghost in here« .

  1. If you can produce for anyone, who would that be?

Ghostface Killah

  1. One instrumental you wish you would have done is…

Alchemist’s « Loose Your Life » with Snoop Dogg, Pusha T and Jadakiss.

  1. To create a banger, what do you need?

I need to have the perfect fresh sample nobody knows in my hands.