Peezee presents: CAFE

On a snowy December 13th night, Peezee launched the release of his photobook, « CAFE », at Seasalt & Ceviche bar in the old port.
Many supporters and fans we’re there to see the man behind the art.  I, myself, made sure to be present as Peezee greeted people and shared stories.
In this interview, we chopped it up with Peezee on his latest accomplishement.  Ladies and Gentlemen: Peezee The Director.
1- What made you decide to release a photobook?
Anytime I would visit a city where I would direct a music video for an artist/label I would end up taking pictures of the locations to show them during the scouting process. I was posting most of these pictures on Instagram and the demand from people for actual prints were increasing as my IG account was getting noticed more and more by people liking this dramatic type of photography. This past summer I stumbled on a book publisher and approached them to see what the process was. It ended up being way simpler than I though it would be so I tried it with my 1st book entitled California Love!
2- How did you pick and chose which pictures would make the final cut?
For this book I wanted pictures with a darker vibe, even the ones in plain sunshine. I wanted something super uniform that would look more refined and could fit on any coffee table… I wanted it to look more « grown up«  if I can say. As I was working on some of my recent pictures, I noticed that most of them had a brownish or coffee tones to it. Then came the title « Café« .
3- What is one of your most memorable place you shot at?
My everyday favorite place to shoot in California is Laguna Beach, I go there 3 to 4 days a week just to shoot and chill by myself. I have directed multiple music videos for major labels there since 2009. But weekly personal shoots have become a therapeutic need for me when I’m in Cali. The dopest and livest location I have visited though was the sand dunes in Death Valley National Park… I took the trip there with my friend Viranova, an R&B singer from Orange, and we just had the best of times just driving up there! It’s about 4 hours from L.A. but to get there you gotta go through some of the craziest landscapes and scenic routes I had ever seen… Looks like Mars on many occasions… They actually shot many Star Wars scenes in the region… It’s a must see! I will be back there in the spring to direct a music video for a Bollywood artist!
4- Being a professional director VS being a successful artists?  Which one you love most?
I think it’s all connected. I couldn’t be a successful director without knowing how music works and what an artist goes through in his mind. When I was 20 years old, the artist thing was without a doubt something I needed as it was a direct mean of expression that I needed in life. Now that I’m older and don’t feel the need to express myself and perform for people, the director part fits me way more. The photography part even fills my heart with joy more than the director job these days!
5- If you could share one advice to someone who would want to follow you footstep, what is the one rule that he/she has to follow from jump?
There’s only 1 rule that I teach all my kids in Cali and here in Montreal. NEVER STOP WORKING. For each year that you stop, whether it is because of personal problems or anything, it pushes you back 3 years in your professional development. In a business that moves so quick, 3 years in entertainment is 10 years in real life. Never wait for the perfect opportunity, CREATE IT!!! Money means nothing in this game. Mobsters try to pay their way in all the time but hard work and knowledge of how it works. Experience is key, there are no shortcuts for that, you gotta live it and it can’t be bought!!!!
We would like to thank Peezee for this exclusive interview and congratulations on the launch.  
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