So this week end I was looking for a great time, as usual, and got an invitation by a very good friend of mine who had tickets for a sex show. My reply: « Hell to the yeah! »

Now this event is for the ones that are very comfortable with their sexuality. No for the weak or the type that are more traditional with their fantasies.

I got the see the usual: sex toys, lingeries, beautiful models and some. But what I also got to see is the other side of the moon as I would call it. That 50 shades of Grey they be trying to make pretty I saw the REAL side of it.

Sado masochism, Moulin Rouge type of performance and more weird stuff that I can’t display out of respect of people who wants to stay private I got to experience to see if that could be my cup of tea… Not for now LOL.

For those that came, hope you found what you we’re looking for. For those who wanted but we’re scared to be seen… Let’s all go next year 😉