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It ain’t no secret by now that Colin Kaepernick is getting blackballed by the NFL. It ain’t no secret that a lot of so called celebrities are scared to speak on it. Ain’t a secret that most of those celebrities are Black and won’t take actions against the big machine because they want that guest list at the next Superbowl. A damn shame…

BUT there are celebreties that are not affraid to go against the grain. And Inglewood representative and West Coast OG BIG WY is one of them. The rap star has taken upon himself to voice his opinion via his clothing line.

While we are ordering our personal shirts we decided to chop it up with the veteran on his stance regarding this controversy.

1- What is the main message you want people to get from your campain?

That this corporate giant is only about the dollars being made from the players skill and fuck what they beleive in or stand for especially colored players and black folks need to stand together and see what was our past is still present.

2-Have you watched Football so far?

Not one game and its rough because i want watch best mode so i catch his high lights.

3- Is your shirt,  »Niggaz 4 Lease », targeted at some players in particular? (After hearing some of them making weirdos remarks)

No i just feel thats the owners mind set it is a shame some of these coons that we hoped would be solid show there true face

4-How do you see this chapter in Football resolved? You think Kaepernick will ever play in the NFL again?

idk the way it looks he maybe not i hope so

5- What should people do to voice their anger regarding that situation?

Black folks need stand together and apply the pressure no watching games no attending no merch purchased only thing creates change is action and we haven’t pushed the line in years 

We would like to thank BIG WY for this interview. Make sure you buy the N.F.L. shirt on his website and follow his on Instagram to get more informations on his clothing line and his music.


Before March 9th 1993, it would’ve been damn near impossible to picture a Blood and a Crip standing next to each other let alone on the same project. 

But that dream came to reality after the L.A. Riot and a peace treaty happened between the two factions. With that unification an album, Bangin On Wax, was produced to prove that the treaty was a reality. The project was released on Dangerous records and sold over 500,000 copies.   It gave way for more collaborations between various sets.  Nowadays, it is normal to see Red and Blue on the same cut.  Thanks to all the participants of a classic record.

One of the man responsible for that album was Avenue Piru Gang member and West Coast rap veteran O.Y.G. RedRum781. We have reached out to him for a quick drive through memory lane and reminisce about that moment that changed a whole era.

1- How did you reach out to Tweety Bird Loc to discuss and create that album?

WhoooooooP ,WEST UPPER wit my potna ????? Well there wasn’t an initial reach out. We met at a rap contest in Ventura,California ……. i met him and Robert Lewis (the person who put out REP YOUR SET) on location. I took overall 3rd place BUT was the REAL CROWD FAVORITE ……We hooked up from that day forth and hit the lab. The idea was MINE and TWEETY BIRDs only. We presented it to Robert Lewis who in turn introduced us to RONNIE RON bitch made snake ass. The plan was laid out and then the plays were put into effect …… recruitment began. I personally recruited ALL THE RED TEAM except the producers GEEK and NOISE. TWEETY BIRD went back to Compton and recruited his potnas….except for BATTLECAT

2- The first time it was Bloods and Crips in the studio, what was the atmosphere?

Well seeing that the tensions were already high and the streets were active as hell we had to be on guard. The secret sauce was we were from different cities so the conflict was minimum. Soon as the song concepts and beats were made we went to work …..THATS where we got EARFULLS of dissing ….FUCK CRABS / FUCK SLOBS !!!!!!!! We had to be better than wild animals and not go into attack mode. SO we TORE THEM BEATS THE FUCK UP INSTEAD.

3- Almost 25 years later, the influence of that treaty is still felt (from Game and Snoop Dogg to YG and Nipsey Hussle to even the East Coast with Jim Jones and Dave East). Did you believe it would have went back to worst at any point?

Yes its true i see a CONVOY LOAD of successful blueprint biters the PAY NO HOMAGE but ride the wave. Without the path we paved the road would still probably be underdeveloped and destroying our culture and communities and minds and lives even more. There are DAMU rappers before the BANGIN ON WAX era that mixed the cement but WE were the HARD LABORERS that eventually built the structure. LMAO , hella mainstream DAMU rappers have been interviewed and asked WHO their musical inspirations are and NOT ONE mentioned ANY of the ORIGINALS or the BANGIN ON WAX members. Without the contribution we gave i don’t think the music or street relationships would have evolved the way it did. I may be wrong tho.

4- Gangsta Rap, or Reality Rap to me, is the journal to the ghettos. Do you feel that rap music is still that way today?

NO ……my personal opinion is that our music has been compromised for a LONG ASS TIME !!!!!!! They fucked up the education system which fucks up the youth who in turn eventually become menaces to society. Match todays youthful music up to their level of education…… Match the music with the mentality and actions of the youth……Match the music with the drugs and mumble shit and excessive ignorance…… WHAT other genre does the government control as much as ours ???? ITS A WEAPON AGAINST US NOW, A HUNDRED FOLD …… LIKE OUR ANCESTORS USED AGAINST THEM TO COMMUNICATE !!!!!!! Our music is an instruction booklet with melodies telling and showing us HOW to continue the cycle of destruction…… THE PIED PIPER EFFECT

5- You probably seen it all and did it all in this business and in life. What is left to accomplish for O.Y.G. RedRum781?

AHHH ……I would say live longer and be successful…..and continue fixing the damage that BANGIN ON WAX done to the community and lives. It wasn’t made for that. WAS MADE FOR UNITY and ANTHEMS BUT WARPED INTO THEMES FOR GANG WARFARE.

« Hold on, Stay Strong » – A conversation with OG CUICIDE

Life.  Sometimes it gets hard, sometimes it gets even harder.  And here comes depression…

Unfortunately to some of us, the only solution we see to ease the pain is taking  our own life.  The signs are not always seen by friends and family and sometimes it is too late to help.

Having gone through it and thank God he survived to tell, OGCuicide has decided to make it his journey to educated the people about how you can see the sun after the rainy days. 

Ladies and gentlemen: OGCuicide


1- First of all, thank you for helping us understand depression and suicide.  Can you tell us what happened that made you have a depression?



My life starts off with me and my older brother being abandoned in an apartment for many days until social services and the authorities entered the apartment and took us both.  We was separated and placed in different foster homes.  His mother went through the steps and got my older brother back.  I don’t call her my mother because she never came back and got me so the foster home I was in Mrs price ended up adopting me and loving me like her own son.  Growing up in Compton you live a street life so I was Gang Banging and bringing drama to the house and I was 16 at the time and Mrs Price’s daughters ended up kicking me out.  So the streets is where I lived homeless slanging dope, robbing, stealing…  Whatever to survive in these streets.



2- At what point did it became unbearable for you to the point where you started having suicidal thoughts?




When I was actually kicked out the house at 16 from there on I was depressed based off my past life.  And the older I got it seems like the worst it got.  I was 22.  Today I felt like there was no reason for me in life.

3- Can you walk us through that day where you decided to take your own life? 




It was December 31, 1991.  I woke up that day and I woke up angry, mad at the world, mad at myself and didn’t know why.  I kept having flashbacks of me sleeping in cars, living in the rain and just my whole lifestyle send gotten to me.  I remember pulling a gun out and I click the hammer back.  My little homies asked me what was I doing and I replied to them I can’t carry on like this, that I don’t wanna live anymore.   They replied « what are you doing?  what are you doing big Homie? »  Then I put the gun to my temple and I pulled the trigger.  I remember it got so bright, my eyes wasn’t able to take the light and moments later it got dark and I blacked out.

4- What made you realized you made a mistake and should fight life?



I don’t really consider it a mistake because I have no regrets in life.   Everything I went through made me who I am today and I never knew that God had plans for me in the future and used me as an example.  He spared my life for a reason and that reason was to be a Messenger for Him  to show people never give up.



5- The road to recovery.  How did you get help?

After the incident they have me seeing a psychiatrist and was giving me a medication called Sinequan.  This particular medication make me feel worse than I already was feeling and felt the day I attempted suicide.  So I stopped taking the medication and started to feel better.  I was still homeless at the time and since 1987  I’ve always done music so I contacted a good friend of mine name Lee who did Beats and I told him I was going to start writing music about my life.  He gave me some beats on cassette tapes to write to and I started writing about my life and the music that I was writing was real life: self experienced, emotions, blood, sweat and tears.  It became my medication my recovery.  It gave me hope not just for me but also to share my life.  To give out hope.

« Medicated/Motivated » video

6- Do you believe that us Black people are afraid to express to our love ones that we need help?



Yes.  In no way it’s an embarrassment to share you need help, especially when you don’t know who to share it with there is some pet care.  But for the most part there are those who don’t care and look at people as a joke.  Like myself for  instance.  I was a heavy gang Banger so for me to come to one of the big Homies  and say I’m considering suicide I felt he would have laughed at me.  Feeling this way will keep you depressed and you will keep all the feelings bottling up.



7- Your music is very powerful and speak a strong message.  How do you want the people to receive the message in it?



When people listen to my music however they are feeling if they’re depressed and stressed out I really want them to listen to my music and see I’ve walked in their shoes.  If I haven’t walked in the exact shoes I most definitely have walked in similar shoes and I want them to listen to my music and see that there is hope, that life gets better.  No-one never really knows when life will get better.  It’s almost like playing the lottery, no one will ever know when they’re going to hit it big but when they do it’s amazing and the feeling is priceless that is the same way life goes.  You maybe going through something today but you never know what tomorrow brings.  Tomorrow brings better days.  You don’t want to give up because you do not want to miss out on greatness and seeing stress leave your life and you feel better about life



8- If people want to get more familiar with your journey and your music at the same time, How do they get at you?



Anyone that would like to know more about me follow me on Instagram @OGCUICIDE my direct phone number is on my page.  So just push call or you can even DM me.



We would like to thank OGCUICIDE for this amazing interview.  It is important for the people to know that there is help out there and that life gets hard but the road to be smiling again can be reached with the proper help and surroundings.

God Bless.



Peezee presents: CAFE

On a snowy December 13th night, Peezee launched the release of his photobook, « CAFE », at Seasalt & Ceviche bar in the old port.
Many supporters and fans we’re there to see the man behind the art.  I, myself, made sure to be present as Peezee greeted people and shared stories.
In this interview, we chopped it up with Peezee on his latest accomplishement.  Ladies and Gentlemen: Peezee The Director.
1- What made you decide to release a photobook?
Anytime I would visit a city where I would direct a music video for an artist/label I would end up taking pictures of the locations to show them during the scouting process. I was posting most of these pictures on Instagram and the demand from people for actual prints were increasing as my IG account was getting noticed more and more by people liking this dramatic type of photography. This past summer I stumbled on a book publisher and approached them to see what the process was. It ended up being way simpler than I though it would be so I tried it with my 1st book entitled California Love!

2- How did you pick and chose which pictures would make the final cut?
For this book I wanted pictures with a darker vibe, even the ones in plain sunshine. I wanted something super uniform that would look more refined and could fit on any coffee table… I wanted it to look more « grown up«  if I can say. As I was working on some of my recent pictures, I noticed that most of them had a brownish or coffee tones to it. Then came the title « Café« .

3- What is one of your most memorable place you shot at?
My everyday favorite place to shoot in California is Laguna Beach, I go there 3 to 4 days a week just to shoot and chill by myself. I have directed multiple music videos for major labels there since 2009. But weekly personal shoots have become a therapeutic need for me when I’m in Cali. The dopest and livest location I have visited though was the sand dunes in Death Valley National Park… I took the trip there with my friend Viranova, an R&B singer from Orange, and we just had the best of times just driving up there! It’s about 4 hours from L.A. but to get there you gotta go through some of the craziest landscapes and scenic routes I had ever seen… Looks like Mars on many occasions… They actually shot many Star Wars scenes in the region… It’s a must see! I will be back there in the spring to direct a music video for a Bollywood artist!
4- Being a professional director VS being a successful artists?  Which one you love most?
I think it’s all connected. I couldn’t be a successful director without knowing how music works and what an artist goes through in his mind. When I was 20 years old, the artist thing was without a doubt something I needed as it was a direct mean of expression that I needed in life. Now that I’m older and don’t feel the need to express myself and perform for people, the director part fits me way more. The photography part even fills my heart with joy more than the director job these days!
5- If you could share one advice to someone who would want to follow you footstep, what is the one rule that he/she has to follow from jump?
There’s only 1 rule that I teach all my kids in Cali and here in Montreal. NEVER STOP WORKING. For each year that you stop, whether it is because of personal problems or anything, it pushes you back 3 years in your professional development. In a business that moves so quick, 3 years in entertainment is 10 years in real life. Never wait for the perfect opportunity, CREATE IT!!! Money means nothing in this game. Mobsters try to pay their way in all the time but hard work and knowledge of how it works. Experience is key, there are no shortcuts for that, you gotta live it and it can’t be bought!!!!
We would like to thank Peezee for this exclusive interview and congratulations on the launch.  
And make sure to follow Peezee on his social media network:
Want to book him?  Here is how: [email protected]


When you go to a party, you go to have the maximum fun.  For that, some people will play a big part in making sure you enjoy the whole night and go back home with memories and laughters.

Enter J-SEVEN, the city’s infamous master of ceremony.  Hosting some the biggest events in every top spots in the 514.

For the future promoters, party planners and hosts, we got in touch with J-SEVEN and asked him how can someone not fail in his/her goal to please the crowd.  Enjoy the resume.

1- Always follow the vibe and energy of the crowd you are MC’ing for…
Respect the audience you are working with.  Try to create a kind of build up throughout the night.

2- Be clear and understandable when you are hyping up or trying to convey a message to the people

Nothing worst then a MC who just sounds like a mumble rapper

3- Don’t let the liquor and the women get the best of you.  We know ladies in Montreal are fly but don’t lose focus…  And if you get too twisted after a few drinks, just keep a water bottle close by or better yet stick to that all night

4- Keep the charisma level super high.  Positive energy is contagious.
No matter how you feel that day, no matter what you think of the music, the crowd or the event you’re hosting, you are there to do a job but also to have fun.  If you have fun the crowd has fun.  Remember that.

5- Last but not least showcase your skills.   If you can rap or sing or be funny do it.  Whatever it takes to separate yourself from the pack.  Make sure that whatever you do, your presence is a positive addition to the night or party that you are hosting.


We want to thank J-SEVEN for this exclusive.  Make sure to get familiar with him and his many parties, events and ceremonies.  And if you would like to book him, get at him on his INSTAGRAM or on FACEBOOK.