When you go to a party, you go to have the maximum fun.  For that, some people will play a big part in making sure you enjoy the whole night and go back home with memories and laughters.

Enter J-SEVEN, the city’s infamous master of ceremony.  Hosting some the biggest events in every top spots in the 514.

For the future promoters, party planners and hosts, we got in touch with J-SEVEN and asked him how can someone not fail in his/her goal to please the crowd.  Enjoy the resume.

1- Always follow the vibe and energy of the crowd you are MC’ing for…
Respect the audience you are working with.  Try to create a kind of build up throughout the night.

2- Be clear and understandable when you are hyping up or trying to convey a message to the people

Nothing worst then a MC who just sounds like a mumble rapper

3- Don’t let the liquor and the women get the best of you.  We know ladies in Montreal are fly but don’t lose focus…  And if you get too twisted after a few drinks, just keep a water bottle close by or better yet stick to that all night

4- Keep the charisma level super high.  Positive energy is contagious.
No matter how you feel that day, no matter what you think of the music, the crowd or the event you’re hosting, you are there to do a job but also to have fun.  If you have fun the crowd has fun.  Remember that.

5- Last but not least showcase your skills.   If you can rap or sing or be funny do it.  Whatever it takes to separate yourself from the pack.  Make sure that whatever you do, your presence is a positive addition to the night or party that you are hosting.


We want to thank J-SEVEN for this exclusive.  Make sure to get familiar with him and his many parties, events and ceremonies.  And if you would like to book him, get at him on his INSTAGRAM or on FACEBOOK.