Is there a « New Texas »? – Introducing Manny Sauce.


Screw music, slowed and chopped, laid back sound and Codeine lyrics. Texas been known to make classics out of those concepts.

But lately we’ve been hearing a more energetic style coming out of there and Manny Sauce is one of the main one responsible for that new type of sound.

So it’s only right for us to go and ask the man himself about the wave passing trough the South.

1- For people to get familiar right away: who is Manny Sauce?

I’m Manny Sauce aka Manny Bezza Mr#weworking Ima straight from Sauce Park apart of the wave but of Stay Down for the Come Up ent


2- Can you explain the meaning of « Sauce »?

Having Sauce is like Sauce Walka say is having Flava yall might say swagg but we drip.

3- It seems like Texas has a new vibe coming outta there lately. How do you describe it?

I believe Houston has reborn With a Monster the city has more unity then it did in the past south to the north so it’s looking good for us


4- Talk about your project, « Welcome To Sauce Park ». What is the concept behind it?

Welcome to Sauce Park the Driptape comes with a look into Sauce Park from my eyes with features From Logo, Sauce Walka, Sauce Bands, Dead End Redd , Spilly Sauce Dough Boy Sauce and more
Producers like J Ragg , XO , Da Trak Major and more!!!
But I definitely want yall to look at Sauce Park from my point of view the struggles the pain the hustle and it’s gonna be a banger

5- For collabos and bookings, how do we get in touch?

If you need to book me you hit Wack or hit my Assistant Tootie 832-352-7201


Thank you Manny Sauce for this quick interview. Get his mixtape « Welcome To Sauce Park » and follow him on Instagram: @mannysauce_staydown