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When it comes to Canadian HipHop, usually Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal come to mind as the main markets. But there is more than those areas and Corey Writes is here to prove just that.
Coming from Halifax, Corey Writes been creeping is way up the industry to make a solid name for himself and his homebase. And now, after going through a tough period, a 9-year prison bid, he is ready to reintroduce his brand, lyrics and more.

1- Can you officially introduce Corey Writes to the people?
I’m Corey Writes (formerly known as Vinny Deniroz) an independent Artist/Songwriter and I’m Scotian to the bone. From Halifax, Uniacke Square but ain’t nothin’ square about it. I changed my industry name in prison, I just felt like it was time for a new beginning. I wasn’t proud of everything that I was representing at the time. So, new start and new name. Also, it’s my real name (No gimmick).

2- People been sleeping on the Halifax scene. Can you explain the vibe that makes it different from any other place?
The vibe that make it different than other places is that, not all of us ride the same wave. There is so much talent and many waves in Scotia (must be a coast thing). And once everybody wakes up, Scotia will be a force to be reckoned with in the music scene. I ain’t saying we are the best and all that. I’m just saying we have our own sound and it’s very rare that someone listens to us and don’t like us.

3- You have survived a very tough experience. What can you say to those that think that jail is cool?
Ain’t nothin sweet about it. You’re away from your loved ones, someone telling you when you can eat, sleep and take a piss. It’s being degraded on the ultimate level. Your opinion, your health and your name means nothing. You are just a number. It’s a very lonely place. And if you are fortunate to get visits and outside mail (as I was) then you also gotta carry the pain that your loved ones feel when they seeing you locked up or read it in a letter.

4- What can we expect from your latest projects?
Well, I think “Appreciate The Wait” is one my pride and joys. Because, it’s the first mixtape I dropped when I came home.  And, I felt as if it had to be a statement to the world saying “I’m Back”.  Since I been home I released 3 mixtapes: 1.“Appreciate the Wait” 2.“The Lost Files” and 3.“CW” in that order. And, yet “Appreciate The Wait” is a classic to some, I’ve been told.

5- If anybody wants to holler on some business/collaboration tip, how can they reach you?
I just dropped a new single on iTunes, GooglePlay, Tidal and all other music platforms called “Picture Me Rollin’ ft. (Juno award winner) JRDN. And, I have over 22,000 streams on Spotify
Follow me on Instagram the link to the new single is in my bio. My Twitter ( isn’t used that much but when I do i post my thoughts time don’t post on other sites. My Facebook page ( is where I do a “Question of the Day” everyday.

We want to thank Corey Writes for this interview.  Like he said, he has a new single, « Picture Me Rollin » featuring JRDN.   Make sure you check him out on his Instagram (@whozcoreywrites) and on his Facebook page ( Catch up on his music via his Soundcloud too:



STRAIGHT outta Toronto, Price Da Boss is the latest to make noise courtesy of his latest project, « Cameras ».  To make sure we don’t miss the wave -word to Max B.- we made sure we connected with the artist behind the fire bars to get more familiar with him.
1-Can you introduce yourself to the people?  (explain your alias at the same time)
 For those who dont know, I go by Priceless aka PriceDaBoss.  I also go by the name P.O.L.O which is an acranomn for « Pricey Only Lives Once » which was inspired by drakes Y.O.L.O slogan.  I am CEO of my own Record Label called « First Class Empire », and founder of a clothing called « Everythings Merch ».
2-With so many artists from the 416, how will you set a different tone from the pack?
One thing that puts me in a unique group of artist out of Toronto is my ability to cross the US border. I feel that if you are taking your craft seriously that is one of the things you want to protect with your life which is that ability to cross the border. I havent taken advantage of that fact as yet but I feel 2017 is that year to do so . Also im a fan first of Canadian Hip Hop, i know the industry in which I want to take over, its very important to know about the fans in Canada, your qoute unqoute competition, as well as media outlets like your self, shout out to @514Smoke for this opportunity.
3-What is the concept behind your project, « Cameras »?
Cameras are used to capture Priceless moments, and I feel that this is a moment for me, Priceless, so fuck it lets call the album Cameras.

4-What does the next 5 months look like to PRICE DA BOSS?
Definently plan on coming out to Montreal and linking up with your team most definently, I also want to just put out the best quality music I can, and take it from there. Dont worry im holding back a lil bit with this question just know that #514Smoke will get that exclusive word when the time comes.

5-Last but not least, if anyody wants to holla for business, how can they reach you?
They can reach me directly at @PriceDaBoss on Instagram/Twitter, or check me out at for updates , new music and videos.

Thank you PRICE for the quick quiz.  Make sure you check out his visuals and his project as well as his presence on social media:
INSTAGRAM: @pricedaboss


Sometimes how you discover an artist is some other shit.  And C.Struggs is one of them artist who we have a particular story.

A couple of months ago we came across a clip of a heavyweight individual in which he was dropping some gangsta knowledge.  But all we was focus on was the size of the dude spittin.  We put out a little comment and went about our way…  Until the individual in question replied to us.
To our surprise, C.Struggs was an artist moving up the latter to be one to be recognized in the game.  Even cosigned by Maybach Music tycoon Rick Ross himself.  We had to do our work and get familiar.  And we did.

Now, it’s time to introduce you to the man behind the gangsta tales, strip club parties and dope deals.  Ladies and gentlemen: C.STRUGGS.
1- For those who have yet to know you, where are you from exactly?
I’m From Dallas Texas, OakCliff to be exact by way of a small town called Ennis TX

2- When did you decided to take this rap business seriously?
In 2010 I wrote out a list of goals ann started knoccin dem out.
3- How did you hook up with Rick Ross?
Through IG.  He was liking my videos so I reached out and he reached bacc.  He showed me love and did me a verse.  (Rick Ross did not charge the rapper for that verse, gave the 16 stickly on the strengt of support)
4- What’s next for C.Struggs?
New projects: « #DaFatCrip » is up next for a January release plus more videos and more grinding.
5- If anybody wants to holla for some business, how do they get in touch with you?
Easy: IG @cstruggs232  Twitter @cstruggsgmg or hit my management on IG @clonefreeatm
Thanks to C.Struggs for the quick interview and make sure you cop the latest mixtape, « Why Not Hustle.



With the release of their new EP, « Helluva Drug », we chopped it up with the collective with a quick quiz  for the regular reader to enjoy.  Let’s shoot it up.

1-What makes this project better than the last one?

This project was hand crafted from beginning to end. We spent a lot of time making sure it sounded how we wanted it to. Picking what we felt were the right songs that stood well next to each other from verses, to hooks & production. Oppose to when we’re in mixtape mode, those tracks are just created off vibe and whatever’s hot at the time. #HelluvaDrug

2-Best city « Outta Here »: Ottawa, Toronto or Vancouver?


3-Favorite « Drug »: Weed, Lean or Sex?

Star-Time & Fly Doh: WEED.

Prince Akeem & OneShot: SEX.

4-Describe the best outfit from head to toe to look « Super Clean ».

It’s all in ya confidence. All depend on how you carry it. 20% what you wear, 80% how you wear it. Just gotta be saucy. 

5-In honor to the « She Likes Me » snapchat: Top 5 Montreal Vixens to look out for?

You’d have to name some cause we don’t know of any.  No disrespect. 

We want to thank BLCK COKE for this exclusive quiz and make sure you cop that new project « Helluva Drug ».

Instagram: @BlckCoke



Coming from the mean streets of Chicago, you have to be strong to survive. Going from there to make it in the music industry is a bigger challenge.
One who survived one and living off the other is none other than Jojo Capone. You probably saw him in those Smack DVDs (catch up youngins) or you sure heard about him saving rappers from sticky stuations.
Now with his own imprint, Act Like It entertainment, we chopped it up with the CEO on a couple subjects.

1- You came from a street environment and switched to a more business surrounding. What is the number one thing to do to make that transition?

2- They say the record business is a very complicated one. Would you agree?

3- What is your relationship with Cash Money/Rich Gang?

4- You have your own brand, Global Gangsters. What are you bringing to the game with that brand?

5- One of your most memorable moment/untold story in the industry?

We would like to thank Jojo Capone for this article. Make sure you get familiar with his Act Like It imprint and check out his latest video  »Bad Bitches Only »

Is there a « New Texas »? – Introducing Manny Sauce.


Screw music, slowed and chopped, laid back sound and Codeine lyrics. Texas been known to make classics out of those concepts.

But lately we’ve been hearing a more energetic style coming out of there and Manny Sauce is one of the main one responsible for that new type of sound.

So it’s only right for us to go and ask the man himself about the wave passing trough the South.

1- For people to get familiar right away: who is Manny Sauce?

I’m Manny Sauce aka Manny Bezza Mr#weworking Ima straight from Sauce Park apart of the wave but of Stay Down for the Come Up ent


2- Can you explain the meaning of « Sauce »?

Having Sauce is like Sauce Walka say is having Flava yall might say swagg but we drip.

3- It seems like Texas has a new vibe coming outta there lately. How do you describe it?

I believe Houston has reborn With a Monster the city has more unity then it did in the past south to the north so it’s looking good for us


4- Talk about your project, « Welcome To Sauce Park ». What is the concept behind it?

Welcome to Sauce Park the Driptape comes with a look into Sauce Park from my eyes with features From Logo, Sauce Walka, Sauce Bands, Dead End Redd , Spilly Sauce Dough Boy Sauce and more
Producers like J Ragg , XO , Da Trak Major and more!!!
But I definitely want yall to look at Sauce Park from my point of view the struggles the pain the hustle and it’s gonna be a banger

5- For collabos and bookings, how do we get in touch?

If you need to book me you hit Wack or hit my Assistant Tootie 832-352-7201


Thank you Manny Sauce for this quick interview. Get his mixtape « Welcome To Sauce Park » and follow him on Instagram: @mannysauce_staydown

« Shooting The 5 With… » – 80 Rock


The concept of this article and the ones to come is to ask short questions and get right away short answers by entertainers. I hope you enjoy it. First one is from producer extraordinaire 80 ROCK

  1. What is the beat or moment that made you want to produce beats?

I gave a friend, shout out to DJ Fat Sak, a Van Halen sample and Ras Kass ended up on the beat. That’s when I knew I should do this.

  1. What’s the best rhyme spat over your production?

The best rhyme so far was spit by AG from D.I.T.C. He said « I flow like Big L ghost in here« .

  1. If you can produce for anyone, who would that be?

Ghostface Killah

  1. One instrumental you wish you would have done is…

Alchemist’s « Loose Your Life » with Snoop Dogg, Pusha T and Jadakiss.

  1. To create a banger, what do you need?

I need to have the perfect fresh sample nobody knows in my hands.

Rythm & Beauty : NATASHA MARIE


She fell in love with music at an early age. She started learning melodies at first then practiced her vocal skills by signing popular songs. Then, being a poet, she picked up a pen and a pad, chose a beat that inspired her and wrote her first song. Her beauty is undeniable. Her voice is a direct line to her soul as she sings melodies for the heart. Still in the process of recording her debut album and now signed to a label based in the US, she is finally getting ready to present herself to the world. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the future of R&B music: Miss Natasha Marie.

1- Can you present yourself to the people?

– Sure. I go by the name of Natasha Marie, also known as “Miss Tee”. Born in Ontario, raised in Montreal, Quebec. I am a poet, singer, songwriter and last but not least, a MC.

2- Who/What inspires you?

– I’m inspired in so many ways, by so many things, places, people and feelings. When it comes to what jolts me to write. But in terms of artists that inspired me to connect with music emotionally and helped sharpen my musical tools, definitely Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Brandy, Tupac, Backstreet Boys, All-4-One, Boys II Men, Stevie Wonder, India Arie, Alicia Keys, Lauryn Hill and Etta James. They were the ones whose music were on constant repeat and I needed to get into them for the practice, for the passion and for the expression.


3- To create a buzz on yourself, you put clips of yourself covering popular songs online. How has it helped?

– I have to say my YouTube song covers were definitely a huge gateway to be seen and heard. It definitely helped generate a lot more buzz than any other media sources I was using at the time. YouTube is still the place I recommend people to post their videos, especially if they are starting out. Its just that great platform where you see where you fit in or stand out in the world. It definitely helped me gain a lot of my confidence; hearing from many peers around the world that they wish I’d make it big one day.

4- At what moment did you figure out that it might work out for you?

– There were many times when I had felt that I could ‘do this’. I had gotten the chills head-to-toe when I would hit those perfect notes, or channel the feeling in the moment and my voice would be right there behind my most powerful words. I wasn’t sure if that was the sign that music was what I should be doing in front of the entire world, for the entire world, or just for my personal love. But somewhere between the chills and the teary-eyes, I knew that music and I should stay together, like maybe we could fly together.

5- What kind of subjects do you like to touch on in your writings?

– I like to write about how I’m feeling when I feel like I can conquer any obstacle, I like to write about the things that infect me to get up and do my best and shake dust off so anything I write, even if its not about the bubbliest things all the time, they’re mentioned in a way that still makes you feel like its just another thing you can handle gracefully. I like to think that music is a remedy, so I try to sing about things that heal, not hurt.


6- You’ve been known to have a funky style of your own. Where do you get your ideas of clothing from?

– In terms of my actual preferred style of clothing, I’ve always wanted to WEAR IT ALL! I’ve been known to wear what I want even if it meant designing it and stitching it myself- Trimming, cutting, sewing on a couple buttons at last minute. I’ve always loved playing Dress-Up. It’s like the way we would do it when we we’re kids: wanting to try on every costume in the Party store to see what suits our character best!

I dress according to how I feel though, like an actor, playing their role, they must dress accordingly. Thinking of an outfit that is perfect for every song is where a lot of my high is. All my moods play a role in what makes me who I am, so why not exude that, yuh know? My Father’s Mother influenced me heavily with her at home sewing skills. That was a natural way of life for her growing up in Trinidad & Tobago. And if you had a hang of it, you had custom swag for life. I still stitch outfits from scratch! That good ‘ole needle and thread.

7- Do you consider your beauty a gift or a curse in this industry?

– Beauty in the entertainment industry… Its preferred; its favored, its required, its demanded. “If you already have it, great! If you don’t, we can help with that!” – Entertainment Industry. I definitely think there are pros and cons to having anything that is considered desirable among many. So in the eye of the entertainment business, because it is such an asset to have, beauty is both misunderstood and mis-represented, while there are those trying to put it on a scale or capture it in a specific way.

Because the entertainment business is a machine that never sleeps, it can break spirits and dreams. It also has the power to tear beautiful things apart. I feel that beauty is made to be admired, not subjugated. Does beauty mean success in the business? No. But if I see a successful beautiful person, I commend them for maintaining their beautiful spirit, however it remains. Beauty is our pearl, if we are the oyster that travels through the thick unknown. We must do everything to keep our pearl no matter what.


8- How is the album coming? What can we expect from it?

– What I’m working on right now is currently sitting between EP and Album status so I don’t want to put a premature title on that. I am excited however, to see where this journey takes me now that my avenues and opportunities have expanded outside the country. I really look forward to the best part of this music business: the shows!

9- Any single or video to look out for?

– I’ll definitely be planning videos very soon. I imagine most of my songs with videos when I write them so we’ll see just how many we get done and for which ones but I cannot wait to finally put my years of dreams and ideas together in a way that really shows what’s on in my mind and what I’m really trying to say. I’m actually excited to share more visuals in general. I haven’t really had the chance to display or edit all my documented footage from the past couple years with my trips to Vegas and L.A. the way I wanted to. So I’m excited about putting that out as well. I want this time around to be more documented because this really has been the best time I’ve had in my life: traveling the world, singing my heart out and meeting and connecting with people with common loves!


10- Where can your fans and future ones get more familiar with your talent?

– I like to share my Tweets, Instagram posts, Statuses and pictures on my Facebook artist page. I stay pretty connected to my Twitter and Instagram for those who really like being more up close to my activity timeline.

– Where to get more familiar with my talent? I’m working on putting together some performance footage just to give people more of a feel for what I’m doing right now and what direction and sound is being developed as I let this breeze take me in the best ways. I will be uploading once again to my old trusted YouTube account, as well as being featured on an official Brain Kave Vevo channel that is in the works, revamping my personal website, featuring on upcoming blog spots, including the official BrainKave website, and ,of course, at a venue near you. So stay connected and join the ‘Evolution of Self’ Revolution.


We want to thank Natasha Marie for this exclusive interview. Be on the look out to hear and see a lot more from her in a very near future.

To know more or follow Natasha Marie:


TWITTER: @NatashaTwiMarie

INSTAGRAM: @Tasha_PinkLadyFlow

SOUNDCLOUD: /natashaTmarie

YOUTUBE: /TashamissT1