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The concept of this article and the ones to come is to ask short questions and get right away short answers by entertainers. I hope you enjoy it. First one is from producer extraordinaire 80 ROCK

  1. What is the beat or moment that made you want to produce beats?

I gave a friend, shout out to DJ Fat Sak, a Van Halen sample and Ras Kass ended up on the beat. That’s when I knew I should do this.

  1. What’s the best rhyme spat over your production?

The best rhyme so far was spit by AG from D.I.T.C. He said « I flow like Big L ghost in here« .

  1. If you can produce for anyone, who would that be?

Ghostface Killah

  1. One instrumental you wish you would have done is…

Alchemist’s « Loose Your Life » with Snoop Dogg, Pusha T and Jadakiss.

  1. To create a banger, what do you need?

I need to have the perfect fresh sample nobody knows in my hands.

Rythm & Beauty : NATASHA MARIE


She fell in love with music at an early age. She started learning melodies at first then practiced her vocal skills by signing popular songs. Then, being a poet, she picked up a pen and a pad, chose a beat that inspired her and wrote her first song. Her beauty is undeniable. Her voice is a direct line to her soul as she sings melodies for the heart. Still in the process of recording her debut album and now signed to a label based in the US, she is finally getting ready to present herself to the world. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the future of R&B music: Miss Natasha Marie.

1- Can you present yourself to the people?

– Sure. I go by the name of Natasha Marie, also known as “Miss Tee”. Born in Ontario, raised in Montreal, Quebec. I am a poet, singer, songwriter and last but not least, a MC.

2- Who/What inspires you?

– I’m inspired in so many ways, by so many things, places, people and feelings. When it comes to what jolts me to write. But in terms of artists that inspired me to connect with music emotionally and helped sharpen my musical tools, definitely Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Brandy, Tupac, Backstreet Boys, All-4-One, Boys II Men, Stevie Wonder, India Arie, Alicia Keys, Lauryn Hill and Etta James. They were the ones whose music were on constant repeat and I needed to get into them for the practice, for the passion and for the expression.


3- To create a buzz on yourself, you put clips of yourself covering popular songs online. How has it helped?

– I have to say my YouTube song covers were definitely a huge gateway to be seen and heard. It definitely helped generate a lot more buzz than any other media sources I was using at the time. YouTube is still the place I recommend people to post their videos, especially if they are starting out. Its just that great platform where you see where you fit in or stand out in the world. It definitely helped me gain a lot of my confidence; hearing from many peers around the world that they wish I’d make it big one day.

4- At what moment did you figure out that it might work out for you?

– There were many times when I had felt that I could ‘do this’. I had gotten the chills head-to-toe when I would hit those perfect notes, or channel the feeling in the moment and my voice would be right there behind my most powerful words. I wasn’t sure if that was the sign that music was what I should be doing in front of the entire world, for the entire world, or just for my personal love. But somewhere between the chills and the teary-eyes, I knew that music and I should stay together, like maybe we could fly together.

5- What kind of subjects do you like to touch on in your writings?

– I like to write about how I’m feeling when I feel like I can conquer any obstacle, I like to write about the things that infect me to get up and do my best and shake dust off so anything I write, even if its not about the bubbliest things all the time, they’re mentioned in a way that still makes you feel like its just another thing you can handle gracefully. I like to think that music is a remedy, so I try to sing about things that heal, not hurt.


6- You’ve been known to have a funky style of your own. Where do you get your ideas of clothing from?

– In terms of my actual preferred style of clothing, I’ve always wanted to WEAR IT ALL! I’ve been known to wear what I want even if it meant designing it and stitching it myself- Trimming, cutting, sewing on a couple buttons at last minute. I’ve always loved playing Dress-Up. It’s like the way we would do it when we we’re kids: wanting to try on every costume in the Party store to see what suits our character best!

I dress according to how I feel though, like an actor, playing their role, they must dress accordingly. Thinking of an outfit that is perfect for every song is where a lot of my high is. All my moods play a role in what makes me who I am, so why not exude that, yuh know? My Father’s Mother influenced me heavily with her at home sewing skills. That was a natural way of life for her growing up in Trinidad & Tobago. And if you had a hang of it, you had custom swag for life. I still stitch outfits from scratch! That good ‘ole needle and thread.

7- Do you consider your beauty a gift or a curse in this industry?

– Beauty in the entertainment industry… Its preferred; its favored, its required, its demanded. “If you already have it, great! If you don’t, we can help with that!” – Entertainment Industry. I definitely think there are pros and cons to having anything that is considered desirable among many. So in the eye of the entertainment business, because it is such an asset to have, beauty is both misunderstood and mis-represented, while there are those trying to put it on a scale or capture it in a specific way.

Because the entertainment business is a machine that never sleeps, it can break spirits and dreams. It also has the power to tear beautiful things apart. I feel that beauty is made to be admired, not subjugated. Does beauty mean success in the business? No. But if I see a successful beautiful person, I commend them for maintaining their beautiful spirit, however it remains. Beauty is our pearl, if we are the oyster that travels through the thick unknown. We must do everything to keep our pearl no matter what.


8- How is the album coming? What can we expect from it?

– What I’m working on right now is currently sitting between EP and Album status so I don’t want to put a premature title on that. I am excited however, to see where this journey takes me now that my avenues and opportunities have expanded outside the country. I really look forward to the best part of this music business: the shows!

9- Any single or video to look out for?

– I’ll definitely be planning videos very soon. I imagine most of my songs with videos when I write them so we’ll see just how many we get done and for which ones but I cannot wait to finally put my years of dreams and ideas together in a way that really shows what’s on in my mind and what I’m really trying to say. I’m actually excited to share more visuals in general. I haven’t really had the chance to display or edit all my documented footage from the past couple years with my trips to Vegas and L.A. the way I wanted to. So I’m excited about putting that out as well. I want this time around to be more documented because this really has been the best time I’ve had in my life: traveling the world, singing my heart out and meeting and connecting with people with common loves!


10- Where can your fans and future ones get more familiar with your talent?

– I like to share my Tweets, Instagram posts, Statuses and pictures on my Facebook artist page. I stay pretty connected to my Twitter and Instagram for those who really like being more up close to my activity timeline.

– Where to get more familiar with my talent? I’m working on putting together some performance footage just to give people more of a feel for what I’m doing right now and what direction and sound is being developed as I let this breeze take me in the best ways. I will be uploading once again to my old trusted YouTube account, as well as being featured on an official Brain Kave Vevo channel that is in the works, revamping my personal website, featuring on upcoming blog spots, including the official BrainKave website, BrainKaveMusic.com and ,of course, at a venue near you. So stay connected and join the ‘Evolution of Self’ Revolution.


We want to thank Natasha Marie for this exclusive interview. Be on the look out to hear and see a lot more from her in a very near future.

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