What do women love/hate the most…

Husband and wife in park

The ying and the yang, Venus versus Mars, we will always be different and bla bla bla… Women can’t sure live without us but can’t even live with us and vice versa. What a complicated world we are in.

We went and ask around what makes women go for a man and what makes them just wanna put a pillow on his face. Here are some of the best responses we got. Agree or disagree?



  1. Honesty and trust
  2. Their sense of humor
  3. Independence
  4. Good Manners
  5. Someone who pays attention to how he looks
  6. I love a handy man. Someone who can build me a house for my dog or fix my car. lol
  7. A man who knows what he wants and goes for it.
  8. Their strength. All women love watching a man pick up something heavy and move it.
  9. A man who is good to his mother.
  10. A man that takes care of his kids.



  1. I hate a liar
  2. I hate men who are always late
  3. I hate men who don’t have their own place but bounce around “girlfriends” homes.
  4. I hate men with excuses that don’t try to find a solution
  5. I hate moody men or cry babies.
  6. I hate men ALWAYS wanna hang with the boys.
  7. I hate jealous men
  8. I hate cheap men. Take me out on a date for God sakes! lol
  9. I hate men who get into fights. Fighting is for boys not men.
  10. I hate men that Ogle. Checking out other chicks while with me will get you going home alone!

Fellas: better take notes…