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Still no justice: the saga of McKinley Phipps Jr

It has been more than 16 years since former No Limit artist MAC has seen the outside world.  On September 21st, 2001, he was convicted and sentenced to 30-year-to-life and has been at Elayn Hunt Correctionnal Center in Louisiana ever since.

The problem in that situation is that there is elements in Mac’s case that prove his innocence but yet it seems like the so-called department of justice is ignoring the facts.  From false statements to corrupted investigators, this is proof that the system in Louisiana is tainted.

To shed more light on the subject we have reached out to one of Mac’s closest one: HIS BROTHER.  Read and learn people.

1- So many contradictions, so many evidences, so many confessions that clear Mac from this crime.  Why is he still in jail?

My opinion is, he’s still there because when people mess up and they know they messed up, it’s hard for them to admit that they did wrong.  Instead of them saying “We made a mistake and would like to fix it” they’d rather just not say anything at all and keep Mac locked up, even though they know and the world knows, he’s innocent.  But he will be home sooner than later.  When it’s all said and done, Mac will get his blessing.  Louisiana’s system is just messed up.  I can’t go into too much detail about everything right now but when it’s time, I will…


2- 16 years. How has Mac managed his time and holding on?

 It’s actually been 17 years that he’s been locked up.  February 21, 2000…  But he mainly just tries to do as much for his son as he can while being locked up…  Other than that, he reads, makes shoes, draws, writes, does interviews, teaches in a mentor class, plays basketball, he was in the band, he also takes classes, he does a lot to manage his time.  Everybody loves him in the prison, nobody could or would say anything bad about him, just how it was and still is for him on the streets.

3- Since the Crime Watch Daily episode, how as the procedures improved to get Mac out?

As far as the show goes, it brought a lot of exposure to his case.  His lawyer applied for clemency but it got denied.  We had an online petition for him and we got over 10,000 signatures.  We had rappers tweet the petition too…  We had Dee 1, Hot Boy Turk, 3D Na’Tee, Mia X, Currency….  Snoop Dogg has shown support…  He has major support and many many people know he is innocent but he still got denied.  I don’t know if you know but there was also another show detailing his case called Reasonable Doubt.  The people from the show offered us private investigators with no charge.  All we can do is pray and be patient right now.


4- What can the public do to help put the pressure on the Louisiana justice system to finally free an innocent man?

Honestly I feel like the only thing people can do is continue to bring awareness to his situation.  Talk to people about it, post about it, send his story to whatever media outlet is out there, protest…  You never know who may hear about it that can actually do something about it.  Mac ain’t the only one who’s in this situation.  It’s thousands of cases where people are wrongfully convicted.  I know of a few stories where people have been freed but think about the people that haven’t been freed.  Those are the people that aren’t being talked about.

5- We have seen a lot of artists unfortunately glorifying the prison life in their song.  What would you say to those people sending the wrong message to the kids?

Aw man the people glorifying prison are TRIPPIN!  That’s not the place to be at all.  I say to those guys, STOP BULLSHITTIN WITH PEOPLE!  The kids today think going to jail or prison is “real” when that ain’t the case at all…  Staying free is real!  Every time I go see Mac, I see more grey hair…  I always think “man when he came in here, he had black hair”…  Nobody wants to age behind bars.  The mother of Mac’s son was 6 months pregnant with their son when Mac got locked up.  He’s never been with his son on the streets…  Who wants that??!!  So my message to the kids would be to  stay true to yourself, keep it real with others, don’t put yourself in situations that you can’t get out of, think and stay free…  One love

Thank you very much for this interview. If you want to write to MAC, you can by writing him at this address:

McKinley Phipps Jr 445656

P.O. Box 174

E.H.C.C. Golf-2-D

St.Gabriel, LA 70776



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