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Shooting the 5 with: FEBRUARY CXLD

When you think of the 514 and the ones that made a mark in the scene, February CXLD is one of the name you better be mentioning.  A pioneer when it comes to the music AND the business side, the artist formerly known as Milli Millz has bless the stage with the greatest of them and made countless hit singles for the people to bump in their whip, their iPods, their traps and in the clubs and strip joints.  

Now, it is time for February CXLD to release his highly anticipated project, HIGHWAY, and permanently put his print in the game once and for all.

We have reached out to the O.T.B. boss to get us more familiar with the album.  Ladies and gentlemen: FEBRUARY CXLD.

1- How long did it take to make the project and why all the delays for that project to drop?

Making the actual finished project didn’t take long; in fact more then half of the records on the album were recorded in the last year or 2. “War” was recorded four years ago in my brother SDTRK basement- No LXVE was recorded 3 years ago; those two records are the oldest. Everything else was done relitively around the same time. Ballet was recorded in the last hours of our final session in the 6 last June. Theres no secret; I am a perfectionist- I recorded over 80 songs for this project. The track listing changed over 100 times. I took off features from the album to keep the focal point on my sound my music and most importantly my team.

2- What direction did you take for “Highway”?

The direction was to cultivate a mood- essentially Syd (Inotchz) & Myself would take a few days of the week for two months straight just coming up with different ideas and a different sound then what I had done on my previous projects. We would come up with demos then Woodz would come in with fresh ears and give his perspective on the records & possible directions. From there we kept building and finished the album at the Diamond Factory.Sunny Diamonds brought the project to life; Always lit working with him.

3- How important was the business side of the album to be done before releasing it?  (Paperwork, iTunes, Tidal, Google Play, Spotify amd publishing)

The Business side was everything for us when approaching THE HIGHWAY. We’ve been active in the music scene for years and put in a lot of ground work on the come up as kids. We could have given the album away for free but the music was so powerful that we thought people would appreciate and value it more if they had to pay for it. Steve connected the dots from HRM music group and we got a small distribution situation.

4- As far as exposure, name 5 cities that you are targeting to promote the project.

The World, Smoke, The World!

5- Any surprises?

THE HIGHWAY, pushing this album is the priority right now. you can expect power moves on the music side and be sure to look out for the clothing line Only The Bosses officially launching before the summer.
thanks smoke, your a staple in this city when it comes to media!

And we would like to thanks February CXLD for this exclusive and the musical masterpiece he just released.   Make sure to cop it on iTunes and Spotify.  Also, check him out on Instagram and Facebook to get the full view of the man’s career.



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