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It ain’t no secret by now that Colin Kaepernick is getting blackballed by the NFL. It ain’t no secret that a lot of so called celebrities are scared to speak on it. Ain’t a secret that most of those celebrities are Black and won’t take actions against the big machine because they want that guest list at the next Superbowl. A damn shame…

BUT there are celebreties that are not affraid to go against the grain. And Inglewood representative and West Coast OG BIG WY is one of them. The rap star has taken upon himself to voice his opinion via his clothing line.

While we are ordering our personal shirts we decided to chop it up with the veteran on his stance regarding this controversy.

1- What is the main message you want people to get from your campain?

That this corporate giant is only about the dollars being made from the players skill and fuck what they beleive in or stand for especially colored players and black folks need to stand together and see what was our past is still present.

2-Have you watched Football so far?

Not one game and its rough because i want watch best mode so i catch his high lights.

3- Is your shirt,  »Niggaz 4 Lease », targeted at some players in particular? (After hearing some of them making weirdos remarks)

No i just feel thats the owners mind set it is a shame some of these coons that we hoped would be solid show there true face

4-How do you see this chapter in Football resolved? You think Kaepernick will ever play in the NFL again?

idk the way it looks he maybe not i hope so

5- What should people do to voice their anger regarding that situation?

Black folks need stand together and apply the pressure no watching games no attending no merch purchased only thing creates change is action and we haven’t pushed the line in years 

We would like to thank BIG WY for this interview. Make sure you buy the N.F.L. shirt on his website flywoopin.com and follow his on Instagram to get more informations on his clothing line and his music.

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