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Is It Cool To Rape???


Tuesday marked another victory for police officers in the court rooms of Quebec after allegations of rape and sexual assault of numerous native women in the Val D’or area.  Due to the limited amount of media coverage and information open to the public I learned very little about what actually happened or what supposedly happened.   From what I do know a number of native women have accused members of the police force of rape and or sexual assault however regardless of the sheer number of complaints lodge against the handful of officers the case was dismissed due to the lack of actual evidence…   Let’s take a second and think about that…pc_141101_rq17a_dezo-femmes-autoctone-_sn635

OK so if a woman is raped or sexually assault what is the first think she should do to report the crime Call the police and they will come and gather the necessary information and evidence to charge the person accused of the crime right but who do you call when it’s the police who are the ones you need to report ? Do you call 911 and hope the officer that just got finished raping you is out of the office for the rest of the day ? This is the dilemma.

This is not only a native problem this is an everyone problem who do you call when the police are the ones you need protection from ? These women did the bravest thing a woman can do they stood up and told their stories one by one it was documented and sent for review.


Now I know what your thinking these officers were suspended and you’d be right to think that the part that probably didn’t cross your minds was that they were suspended with pay….  WITH PAY!   Which basically means they were on vacation till this whole thing blew over now since the officers were not found guilty or even charged they get to go back and patrol the same streets and neighborhoods where this women live and work which if I was one of these accusers I’d be terrified to walk out of my house everyday knowing the man who committed one of the most heinous crimes you could to a woman might possibly be driving up and down my street “protecting and serving” the community.   What I find most disappointing is the way this is being handled let’s take a an example from recent times Bill Cosby accused of rape and sexual assault over 20 years ago the media slams him the mass public crucified him through social media and he’s basically found guilty by the public and CHARGED by police. c33c3d237d3c51182208c5e308452e0e

But why when it comes to native women or native people in general does nothing get done we have a campaign for murdered and missing aboriginal women all across Canada but the government turns a blind eye to the situation I can tell you why I think that is because in the eyes of government and society native people do not matter as much as everyone else what’s one more missing native girl right ?

What’s one more rape case ? What’s one more murder? And the main reason people tend to not care about Native Americans is because they don’t have to they’re shown at a young age that natives don’t matter the voice of the first people is nothing more then a whisper to today’s society I’ll give you examples major league sports teams Redskins, Indians, Chiefs, Braves, all words used to discriminate natives the mascots are caricatures of native stereotypes used in the worst possible way.  It might not seem like such a big deal right ?  That’s because North America has been programmed to dismiss these things as just good fun.  Since when is it fun to degrade an entire nation of people.  People say things like well what’s the big deal it’s just a picture or a mascot no harm done but what if a African American family turned on the tv and had to explain to a young child why the mascot for the Washington slaves had chains around his ankles and his face painted black ?  The way you would feel is the way natives have been feeling for a very long time but still in today’s society it’s a none issue because well we’re only natives we don’t pay taxes and we can build casinos if we want the government “gave” us land to use how we see fit anyone who makes a comment like this I welcome you to go to native reserves around Canada and see how the living conditions are and do a little fact checking as to how a reservation was picked out they looked as the worst possible areas they could where crops can’t grow and the water supply is limited and they said ok here’s your new home

Then as the world evolved they placed dams that disrupted fish the placed factories that pollute the water supply the put army bases the limit access to parts of the land America and Canada have been systematically programming the public to see natives as cry babies and a culture that basically doesn’t matter this is the struggle for the majority of native people around North America natives can be dealt injustice after injustice while the world watches and nothing will ever be done about this is the reason police officers can rape, assault, and murder native people and nothing will be done about this is the reason peaceful protests can be met with military style policing like what’s happening at the standing rock pipe line protests right now. My heart goes out to all the women who were dealt a heavy blow to their beliefs in the justice system and law enforcement in Val d’or and around North America.



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