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Guide for RS 07 Soul Wars: Basic Gameplay, Rewards & More  


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The team minigame Soul Wars OSRS has been released in game with the first update of 2021. Here is a Soul Wars guide with requirements, basic gameplay, rewards and more.

How to access the Soul Wars OSRS?

OSRS Soul Wars is a members-only minigame released on January 6th 2021. To play Soul Wars, you need to have a total level of 500 (or higher), a combat level of 40 (or higher) and membership.
To access Soul Wars, you need to find the Soul Wars portal in Edgeville or the Ferox Enclave Dungeon. The Nomad's camp can be found after going through the Soul Wars portal. You need to complete the Soul Wars tutorial by talking to Nomad.

Basic gameplay of OSRS Soul Wars

1. You can join a team after completing the Soul Wars tutorial. At least 10 players are necessary in each lobby. A game will begin every four minutes, or when both waiting rooms have 60 players each.
2. The objective is to defeat the Avatar of the opposing team more times in 10 minutes. The Avatar of the red team is the Avatar of Destruction, and the Avatar of the blue team is the Avatar of Creation.
3. Soul fragments can be gathered from monsters in the minigame area. Offering soul fragments to the Soul Obelisk will lower the enemy avatar's damage reduction.
4. Gathering bones and burying them at a graveyard will increase your Avatar's damage reduction.
5. The minigame's reward currency Zeal OSRS can be earned from some activities, such as killing players, healing teammates, dealing damage to the enemy's Avatar, etc.
6. Games will last for 15 minutes. It will end early if a team reaches a total of 5 Avatar kills.

Rewards gained from Soul Wars OSRS

The Zeal points you gained from the minigame can be exchanged at Nomad for the following rewards:
Soul cape - OSRS Soul cape requires level 70 Prayer to equip, offering the highest Prayer bonus in the cape slot.
Ectoplasmator - Carrying ectoplasmator OSRS in your inventory will give the Prayer XP for killing ghostly creatures, based on the amount of hitpoints.
Spoils of war - Spoils of war OSRS can offer some rewards, including the Soul Wars pet Lil destructor and Lil creator OSRS.

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