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Still no justice: the saga of McKinley Phipps Jr

It has been more than 16 years since former No Limit artist MAC has seen the outside world.  On September 21st, 2001, he was convicted and sentenced to 30-year-to-life and has been at Elayn Hunt Correctionnal Center in Louisiana ever since.

The problem in that situation is that there is elements in Mac’s case that prove his innocence but yet it seems like the so-called department of justice is ignoring the facts.  From false statements to corrupted investigators, this is proof that the system in Louisiana is tainted.

To shed more light on the subject we have reached out to one of Mac’s closest one: HIS BROTHER.  Read and learn people.

1- So many contradictions, so many evidences, so many confessions that clear Mac from this crime.  Why is he still in jail?

My opinion is, he’s still there because when people mess up and they know they messed up, it’s hard for them to admit that they did wrong.  Instead of them saying « We made a mistake and would like to fix it » they’d rather just not say anything at all and keep Mac locked up, even though they know and the world knows, he’s innocent.  But he will be home sooner than later.  When it’s all said and done, Mac will get his blessing.  Louisiana’s system is just messed up.  I can’t go into too much detail about everything right now but when it’s time, I will…


2- 16 years. How has Mac managed his time and holding on?

 It’s actually been 17 years that he’s been locked up.  February 21, 2000…  But he mainly just tries to do as much for his son as he can while being locked up…  Other than that, he reads, makes shoes, draws, writes, does interviews, teaches in a mentor class, plays basketball, he was in the band, he also takes classes, he does a lot to manage his time.  Everybody loves him in the prison, nobody could or would say anything bad about him, just how it was and still is for him on the streets.

3- Since the Crime Watch Daily episode, how as the procedures improved to get Mac out?

As far as the show goes, it brought a lot of exposure to his case.  His lawyer applied for clemency but it got denied.  We had an online petition for him and we got over 10,000 signatures.  We had rappers tweet the petition too…  We had Dee 1, Hot Boy Turk, 3D Na’Tee, Mia X, Currency….  Snoop Dogg has shown support…  He has major support and many many people know he is innocent but he still got denied.  I don’t know if you know but there was also another show detailing his case called Reasonable Doubt.  The people from the show offered us private investigators with no charge.  All we can do is pray and be patient right now.


4- What can the public do to help put the pressure on the Louisiana justice system to finally free an innocent man?

Honestly I feel like the only thing people can do is continue to bring awareness to his situation.  Talk to people about it, post about it, send his story to whatever media outlet is out there, protest…  You never know who may hear about it that can actually do something about it.  Mac ain’t the only one who’s in this situation.  It’s thousands of cases where people are wrongfully convicted.  I know of a few stories where people have been freed but think about the people that haven’t been freed.  Those are the people that aren’t being talked about.

5- We have seen a lot of artists unfortunately glorifying the prison life in their song.  What would you say to those people sending the wrong message to the kids?

Aw man the people glorifying prison are TRIPPIN!  That’s not the place to be at all.  I say to those guys, STOP BULLSHITTIN WITH PEOPLE!  The kids today think going to jail or prison is « real » when that ain’t the case at all…  Staying free is real!  Every time I go see Mac, I see more grey hair…  I always think « man when he came in here, he had black hair »…  Nobody wants to age behind bars.  The mother of Mac’s son was 6 months pregnant with their son when Mac got locked up.  He’s never been with his son on the streets…  Who wants that??!!  So my message to the kids would be to  stay true to yourself, keep it real with others, don’t put yourself in situations that you can’t get out of, think and stay free…  One love

Thank you very much for this interview. If you want to write to MAC, you can by writing him at this address:

McKinley Phipps Jr 445656

P.O. Box 174

E.H.C.C. Golf-2-D

St.Gabriel, LA 70776


Shooting the 5 with: FEBRUARY CXLD

When you think of the 514 and the ones that made a mark in the scene, February CXLD is one of the name you better be mentioning.  A pioneer when it comes to the music AND the business side, the artist formerly known as Milli Millz has bless the stage with the greatest of them and made countless hit singles for the people to bump in their whip, their iPods, their traps and in the clubs and strip joints.  

Now, it is time for February CXLD to release his highly anticipated project, HIGHWAY, and permanently put his print in the game once and for all.

We have reached out to the O.T.B. boss to get us more familiar with the album.  Ladies and gentlemen: FEBRUARY CXLD.

1- How long did it take to make the project and why all the delays for that project to drop?

Making the actual finished project didn’t take long; in fact more then half of the records on the album were recorded in the last year or 2. « War » was recorded four years ago in my brother SDTRK basement- No LXVE was recorded 3 years ago; those two records are the oldest. Everything else was done relitively around the same time. Ballet was recorded in the last hours of our final session in the 6 last June. Theres no secret; I am a perfectionist- I recorded over 80 songs for this project. The track listing changed over 100 times. I took off features from the album to keep the focal point on my sound my music and most importantly my team.

2- What direction did you take for « Highway »?

The direction was to cultivate a mood- essentially Syd (Inotchz) & Myself would take a few days of the week for two months straight just coming up with different ideas and a different sound then what I had done on my previous projects. We would come up with demos then Woodz would come in with fresh ears and give his perspective on the records & possible directions. From there we kept building and finished the album at the Diamond Factory.Sunny Diamonds brought the project to life; Always lit working with him.

3- How important was the business side of the album to be done before releasing it?  (Paperwork, iTunes, Tidal, Google Play, Spotify amd publishing)

The Business side was everything for us when approaching THE HIGHWAY. We’ve been active in the music scene for years and put in a lot of ground work on the come up as kids. We could have given the album away for free but the music was so powerful that we thought people would appreciate and value it more if they had to pay for it. Steve connected the dots from HRM music group and we got a small distribution situation.

4- As far as exposure, name 5 cities that you are targeting to promote the project.

The World, Smoke, The World!

5- Any surprises?

THE HIGHWAY, pushing this album is the priority right now. you can expect power moves on the music side and be sure to look out for the clothing line Only The Bosses officially launching before the summer.
thanks smoke, your a staple in this city when it comes to media!

And we would like to thanks February CXLD for this exclusive and the musical masterpiece he just released.   Make sure to cop it on iTunes and Spotify.  Also, check him out on Instagram and Facebook to get the full view of the man’s career.


A man of many skills: Knemesis

In showbiz, if you want to make it you have to know how to do more than one thing.  This is an advice knemesis alias K-Fresh took to heart and applied to the T.

An artist first, K-Fresh been making a name for himself being the camera.  Enter Goldmine media 1.  A lot of the visuals coming from Toronto have been directed by the man himself.

We got in touch with Knemesis so he can explain why he thinks it was important for him to diversify his craft.

1- When did you know it was time to have a second hustle in the business?

Well they say if you turn your passion into a hustle it’s not really like working. I’ve been involved with music for so long and I pay close attention to every aspect of producing materials and video production became a new passion for me. I have strong connections in Toronto with artists so it was a good look to start this new venture when YouTube became the main tool for artists to get their music out there.

2- What is it about directing videos that caught your attention?

One things was having another director go hiding with my video that we did together. On a different occasion my older brother passed on some video equipment to me while I was on house arrest some years back. That’s what really sparked my interest to start. Here I am now with more than 200 music videos Directed, shot and edited.

3- Any funny story about a shooting?

I was downtown Toronto filming one day and I put down my drone behind me so It would be in my shot and a lady coming home from work just picked it up an walked away with it so I had to run her down and yell out « where you going with my drone! ». She said « People always leave things around here, you don’t know about this area? People leave things laying around here all the time ». I got my drone back but I thought she was crazy cause my drone doesn’t look like garbage.

4- Being an artist VS being a director.  Which one you enjoy most and why?

I’d have to say being a director but only because it’s a bit newer to me than being an artist. I enjoy competing with other directors and even with my previous work. I always want to go harder every time. To sit back and watch finished projects is the biggest joy.

5- Is there any other businesses you want or will get involved in the future?

I really want to level up with the video production and get into movie making and high end commercials. Maybe even a TV show who knows.. The sky is the limit.

We would like to thank Knemesis for this interview and remember people: working on your business craft is how you will survive in the game.

Follow Knemesis on Social media:

Facebook: The Knemesis

Instagram: @TheKnemesis

Soundcloud: @TheKnemesis

And get familiar with his directing skills by checking out all the videos directed by Goldmedia 1

Shooting the 5 with: FIEND

(Interview Co-Edited with J-SEVEN)

When it comes down to the popularity of the South, there are people and camps that made history to make it a force to be reckoned with.  But for those empire to be strong, the foundation had to be strong.  And that foundation meant strong artists that could compete with anybody at any time.  For No Limit records, Fiend was one of the frontliners to any competitor coming for the label #1 spot.
Then came the time for the lyrical assassin to make his own lane and build his own brand.  Projects after projects, ghostwritting for  successful artists and having a distinctive voice that nobody has, Fiend has followers and fans from all over the world.
Now with a new album to offer the world, « 1st Rolex », we made sure we got in touch with Fiend to let the people know that this album is fire and why you HAVE to get it.
1- 1st Rolex:  what is the idea behind that title?
The concept behind 1st Rolex is, if you work hard for what you want or you can possess the motivation to be the person you want to be or obtain the lifestyle you desire and  then invest what those hours got you into something that exemplifies your drive you get 1st Rolex.  How bad do you want it?  Everyone knows the value of a Rolex and my 1st one was reward from getting up and making it happen.


2- With this project, it seems like it is more « Mr Whomp Whomp » than « Sweet Jones », more agressive.  Would you agree?
This project is a bit more aggressive for my day one supporters but make no mistake the smoothest brother to do it is also cooking up « Cool is in Session 2 » for the International Jones supporters as well.
3- What was the process to create that project?
The process of creating the music can vary, track selection, mood, surroundings can all play a major part in creating albums.  At the end of the day you got to let your soul speak.
4- Being independant, how do you make sure that a project will be promoted to the fullest?
Being independent and wanting to promote your project is never easy but hand to hand to people will never go out of style.  I use a variety of digital platforms such as social media etc.  But word of mouth tends to still work effectively.
5- I can’t forget about MAC who use to be your labelmate.  Do you keep in touch with him?
Mac from No Limit, yes I still talk to him.  Not as often as I would like but we keep in touch we miss him and C Murder dearly.  Be on the look out for his documentary about his case being falsely accused and charged for a crime he did not commit.
We would like to thank Fiend for this inteview.  Make sure you check out his new project,  « 1st Rolex ».  It is solid from beginning to end.  Also, check him out on social media.



When it comes to Canadian HipHop, usually Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal come to mind as the main markets. But there is more than those areas and Corey Writes is here to prove just that.
Coming from Halifax, Corey Writes been creeping is way up the industry to make a solid name for himself and his homebase. And now, after going through a tough period, a 9-year prison bid, he is ready to reintroduce his brand, lyrics and more.

1- Can you officially introduce Corey Writes to the people?
I’m Corey Writes (formerly known as Vinny Deniroz) an independent Artist/Songwriter and I’m Scotian to the bone. From Halifax, Uniacke Square but ain’t nothin’ square about it. I changed my industry name in prison, I just felt like it was time for a new beginning. I wasn’t proud of everything that I was representing at the time. So, new start and new name. Also, it’s my real name (No gimmick).

2- People been sleeping on the Halifax scene. Can you explain the vibe that makes it different from any other place?
The vibe that make it different than other places is that, not all of us ride the same wave. There is so much talent and many waves in Scotia (must be a coast thing). And once everybody wakes up, Scotia will be a force to be reckoned with in the music scene. I ain’t saying we are the best and all that. I’m just saying we have our own sound and it’s very rare that someone listens to us and don’t like us.

3- You have survived a very tough experience. What can you say to those that think that jail is cool?
Ain’t nothin sweet about it. You’re away from your loved ones, someone telling you when you can eat, sleep and take a piss. It’s being degraded on the ultimate level. Your opinion, your health and your name means nothing. You are just a number. It’s a very lonely place. And if you are fortunate to get visits and outside mail (as I was) then you also gotta carry the pain that your loved ones feel when they seeing you locked up or read it in a letter.

4- What can we expect from your latest projects?
Well, I think “Appreciate The Wait” is one my pride and joys. Because, it’s the first mixtape I dropped when I came home.  And, I felt as if it had to be a statement to the world saying “I’m Back”.  Since I been home I released 3 mixtapes: 1.“Appreciate the Wait” 2.“The Lost Files” and 3.“CW” in that order. And, yet “Appreciate The Wait” is a classic to some, I’ve been told.

5- If anybody wants to holler on some business/collaboration tip, how can they reach you?
I just dropped a new single on iTunes, GooglePlay, Tidal and all other music platforms called “Picture Me Rollin’ ft. (Juno award winner) JRDN. And, I have over 22,000 streams on Spotify
Follow me on Instagram the link to the new single is in my bio. My Twitter ( isn’t used that much but when I do i post my thoughts time don’t post on other sites. My Facebook page ( is where I do a “Question of the Day” everyday.

We want to thank Corey Writes for this interview.  Like he said, he has a new single, « Picture Me Rollin » featuring JRDN.   Make sure you check him out on his Instagram (@whozcoreywrites) and on his Facebook page ( Catch up on his music via his Soundcloud too:



STRAIGHT outta Toronto, Price Da Boss is the latest to make noise courtesy of his latest project, « Cameras ».  To make sure we don’t miss the wave -word to Max B.- we made sure we connected with the artist behind the fire bars to get more familiar with him.
1-Can you introduce yourself to the people?  (explain your alias at the same time)
 For those who dont know, I go by Priceless aka PriceDaBoss.  I also go by the name P.O.L.O which is an acranomn for « Pricey Only Lives Once » which was inspired by drakes Y.O.L.O slogan.  I am CEO of my own Record Label called « First Class Empire », and founder of a clothing called « Everythings Merch ».
2-With so many artists from the 416, how will you set a different tone from the pack?
One thing that puts me in a unique group of artist out of Toronto is my ability to cross the US border. I feel that if you are taking your craft seriously that is one of the things you want to protect with your life which is that ability to cross the border. I havent taken advantage of that fact as yet but I feel 2017 is that year to do so . Also im a fan first of Canadian Hip Hop, i know the industry in which I want to take over, its very important to know about the fans in Canada, your qoute unqoute competition, as well as media outlets like your self, shout out to @514Smoke for this opportunity.
3-What is the concept behind your project, « Cameras »?
Cameras are used to capture Priceless moments, and I feel that this is a moment for me, Priceless, so fuck it lets call the album Cameras.

4-What does the next 5 months look like to PRICE DA BOSS?
Definently plan on coming out to Montreal and linking up with your team most definently, I also want to just put out the best quality music I can, and take it from there. Dont worry im holding back a lil bit with this question just know that #514Smoke will get that exclusive word when the time comes.

5-Last but not least, if anyody wants to holla for business, how can they reach you?
They can reach me directly at @PriceDaBoss on Instagram/Twitter, or check me out at for updates , new music and videos.

Thank you PRICE for the quick quiz.  Make sure you check out his visuals and his project as well as his presence on social media:
INSTAGRAM: @pricedaboss


Sometimes how you discover an artist is some other shit.  And C.Struggs is one of them artist who we have a particular story.

A couple of months ago we came across a clip of a heavyweight individual in which he was dropping some gangsta knowledge.  But all we was focus on was the size of the dude spittin.  We put out a little comment and went about our way…  Until the individual in question replied to us.
To our surprise, C.Struggs was an artist moving up the latter to be one to be recognized in the game.  Even cosigned by Maybach Music tycoon Rick Ross himself.  We had to do our work and get familiar.  And we did.

Now, it’s time to introduce you to the man behind the gangsta tales, strip club parties and dope deals.  Ladies and gentlemen: C.STRUGGS.
1- For those who have yet to know you, where are you from exactly?
I’m From Dallas Texas, OakCliff to be exact by way of a small town called Ennis TX

2- When did you decided to take this rap business seriously?
In 2010 I wrote out a list of goals ann started knoccin dem out.
3- How did you hook up with Rick Ross?
Through IG.  He was liking my videos so I reached out and he reached bacc.  He showed me love and did me a verse.  (Rick Ross did not charge the rapper for that verse, gave the 16 stickly on the strengt of support)
4- What’s next for C.Struggs?
New projects: « #DaFatCrip » is up next for a January release plus more videos and more grinding.
5- If anybody wants to holla for some business, how do they get in touch with you?
Easy: IG @cstruggs232  Twitter @cstruggsgmg or hit my management on IG @clonefreeatm
Thanks to C.Struggs for the quick interview and make sure you cop the latest mixtape, « Why Not Hustle.



With the release of their new EP, « Helluva Drug », we chopped it up with the collective with a quick quiz  for the regular reader to enjoy.  Let’s shoot it up.

1-What makes this project better than the last one?

This project was hand crafted from beginning to end. We spent a lot of time making sure it sounded how we wanted it to. Picking what we felt were the right songs that stood well next to each other from verses, to hooks & production. Oppose to when we’re in mixtape mode, those tracks are just created off vibe and whatever’s hot at the time. #HelluvaDrug

2-Best city « Outta Here »: Ottawa, Toronto or Vancouver?


3-Favorite « Drug »: Weed, Lean or Sex?

Star-Time & Fly Doh: WEED.

Prince Akeem & OneShot: SEX.

4-Describe the best outfit from head to toe to look « Super Clean ».

It’s all in ya confidence. All depend on how you carry it. 20% what you wear, 80% how you wear it. Just gotta be saucy. 

5-In honor to the « She Likes Me » snapchat: Top 5 Montreal Vixens to look out for?

You’d have to name some cause we don’t know of any.  No disrespect. 

We want to thank BLCK COKE for this exclusive quiz and make sure you cop that new project « Helluva Drug ».

Instagram: @BlckCoke



Coming from the mean streets of Chicago, you have to be strong to survive. Going from there to make it in the music industry is a bigger challenge.
One who survived one and living off the other is none other than Jojo Capone. You probably saw him in those Smack DVDs (catch up youngins) or you sure heard about him saving rappers from sticky stuations.
Now with his own imprint, Act Like It entertainment, we chopped it up with the CEO on a couple subjects.

1- You came from a street environment and switched to a more business surrounding. What is the number one thing to do to make that transition?

2- They say the record business is a very complicated one. Would you agree?

3- What is your relationship with Cash Money/Rich Gang?

4- You have your own brand, Global Gangsters. What are you bringing to the game with that brand?

5- One of your most memorable moment/untold story in the industry?

We would like to thank Jojo Capone for this article. Make sure you get familiar with his Act Like It imprint and check out his latest video  »Bad Bitches Only »